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Guide Right Director Corner

Growing up as a foster youth, I consider myself privileged, humbled and lucky to be thought of as a success story by the standards of our society. All attributes that were mentioned were because of personal investments and sacrifices made by my mentor and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., during some of the darkest chapters of my life. His decision to invest in me is a major reason why I accepted the role and challenges as the Guide Right Director and Advisor of the Daphne Kappa League. 



I benefited immensely from a mentor/ mentee relationship as a young man. Now, as an adult who can mentor, I feel that it is a great honor to reciprocate what was given to me and share it with the next generation of young men in my community. The approach used by my mentor, who is like a father figure to me, shaped me and helped me to develop our Guide Right Program principles. I believe that the foundation of the Daphne Kappa League Program is based on these two traits: forming a supportive relationship and providing exposure to life, social, and academic skills needed for the young men to become successful and productive citizens.

Abdoul Sanogo, EdS, MBA

Director, Daphne Alunmi Chapter

Guide Right Director

Kappa League Advisor

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